From Confusion to Clarity 

Finding my life’s purpose has always been a struggle. I used to believe that it was as simple as finding things you like and making that your life goal. This same belief is what led me astray for all of these years and I’ll tell you why.

I’ve always been told to just chase after my heart’s desires, and I’m not trying to invalidate that statement because it definitely holds truth, but it is not what I needed to focus on. My problem is that I have a passion for many things; music, Marine Biology, chemistry, culinary arts, languages, zoology, app development, computer programming, web development, and the list goes on and on.

 I’ve had this false mindset that if I believe that I can do anything, I will most certainly achieve it. The problem is nobody has broken the news about how much time and effort needs to go into a dream to make it reality. Also nobody has ever told me to focus on what skills I needed to gain to achieve these goals. Everybody has dreams but very few actually take the time every single day to achieve these dreams, and I am definitely guilty of that as well. 

Because of this, I have never felt proficient in anything because I wouldn’t focus on that skill every single day. My flaw was that I wanted to learn everything, but the reality is that we as human beings are dangerously curious and this curiosity will never be satisfied! So instead of learning a tiny bit about many things, I am now going to become focus and become a master of a few.

I’m now becoming more aware that the more proficient I become at a skill, my self worth seems to increase and I maintain a state of happiness that is authentically me. I need to give every single day to my dream. I deserve it. I deserve to have the best life I can have, and so do you.


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